Security Alarm Monitoring

Stop Criminals in Their Tracks in Oklahoma City, OK

Stop Criminals in Their Tracks in Oklahoma City, OK

Count on our security systems to notify the authorities

If someone does try to break into your home or business in Oklahoma City, OK, it's important to get help ASAP. At Capital Flow Solutions, our security systems are set up to quickly signal for help whenever you need it.

As part of our alarm system installations, we can:

  • Set up all the cabling for the alarm
  • Install hard-wired alarms
  • Provide modern wireless options

As an ADT partner, you can be confident that all of our alarms will work exactly as they should. Call us at 405-768-4264 to schedule your alarm system installation.

Don't worry - help is on the way

Many times, the loud volume of a normal alarm will be enough to scare a thief off. But what if someone's already in your home or business, and you need to be quiet? A silent alarm could be the answer.

With a silent alarm, you can send an alert out to the authorities without setting off the main security system. That way, you can remain safely hidden while help is on the way.

Want to learn more about how a silent alarm can come in handy? Speak to a member of our team today.